Bracha Eden (15 July 1928 – 23 May 2006) and Alexander Tamir (born 2 April 1931) were Israeli duo pianists and teachers.
Bracha Eden was born in Jerusalem. Alexander Tamir was born as Alexander Wolkovsky in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 1942, as an eleven-year-old boy, he composed a Yiddish song called “Shtilar, shtilar” (“Ponar” in Hebrew; meaning “Quiet, quiet”), for a music competition in the Jewish ghetto. The song was set as a lullaby in order to confuse the Nazi occupiers. Many of the intended singers were killed before they could compete. The story of this episode and Tamir’s recent return to his birthplace has been told in the Israeli film Ponar. He changed his name to Tamir after settling in Jerusalem after World War II. Some of the duo’s earlier recordings, originally issued under names “Bracha Eden and Alexander Tamir” now appear under the names “Bracha Eden and Alexander Wolkovski”.